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Carrie Kugler has been successfully treating her patients with Active Release Therapy and Massage Therapy for over 15 years. Schedule an appointment today and experience the lasting effects of Carrie's treatments.


Carrie Kugler graduated from Oregon State with an Exercise Sports Science degree then became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1997. After several years of practicing as a Massage Therapist Carrie felt that there was a missing element in her treatments. She then became full body certified in Active Release Technique, a state of the art soft tissue treatment. The addition of ART has dramatically improved Carrie's rate of patient recovery and overall treatment success. With every patient Carrie's goal is not only pain relief but restoration to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Massage Therapy Treatment

The benefits of Massage Therapy are many including, increased blood flow to muscles, relaxation of hypertonic muscles from injury or overuse, pain relief and improved joint range of motion. From over 20 years of experience in the industry Carrie uses Massage Therapy as a tool to break the cycle of pain and tightness in an effective and therapeutic method.

Active Release Technique

 Active Release (ART) is a state of the art treatment that adressses and treats soft tissue disorders.  ART treatments separate, release and stretch the connective tissue and adhesions, restoring vascular and lymph circulation and increasing range of motion and overall function.  Carrie has seen a dramatic improvement in her patients recovery rate and overall improvement since the addition of ART treatments.



"Carrie is a masterful practicioner of A.R.T. she is a true and dedicated healer." Terry D.    P.T.

"Carrie is extremely intuitive and gifted! She has addressed many of my pre-existing conditions found their trigger points, and has been able to loosen up key muscle groups by using a combination of techniques to dissipate and finally relieve my chronic pain. I have had issues with my neck, shoulder, lower back and foot, Carrie has been able to give me relief for all these areas." 

Kathy B

"Carrie is extremely knowledgable, skilled and compassionate and has not only helped me avoid shoulder surgery but also manages my painful muscle contractions from MS. 

Carrie's treatments keep me moving, and I give her the highest recommendation!" 

Lynne M.

"Carrie is tremendously talented. Over the past several years, she has been able to successfully treat issues in my shoulder, arm and neck that chiropractic and physical therapy alone could not. I am grateful for her help and recommend her highly."

Steve B.

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